Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Reality of TV

I have discovered that my longing to live a full and idyllic life has restricted me from living one at all.
Over the past few years, my love of television has grown into rather an obsession. I will watch anything from the news, to talk shows, to American sit-coms, to childrens shows. I would choose to watch television over doing most things. And I can admit it. But of recent, I have found a pattern in my TV obsessions.
Shows such as Brothers and Sisters and Packed to the Rafters are my favorite on TV, there is nothing I would rather do than watch them. Each of these shows revolves around a family and their relationships with each other.
Upon reflection of the type of shows which I find most attractive I have come to a realization that I watch these shows to escape from reality. Packed to the Rafters has just started season two and the life of this family in my eyes is perfect - the early 20s children and the older parents who had them early. All lovely and open, the relationships they share are not always without their problems but closer to perfect than anything I could imagine experiencing with my own family.
I watch this show in every spare minute I have. If there was only a way that I could replicate the life that I experience in this TV show.
While I am sure that there is a reality for some people, very similar to that portrayed in this show, mine for now, is far from.
I don't know what the point of this blog is, rather just a way for me to vent about my frustrations in a less than perfect life.
I have had a rush of motivation to get out there and create this life for myself. Not that I am sure that this will be possible. Nevertheless, I will give it my best shot and hope for something, anything close to my dreams.
It's not like I am shooting for the stars, after all.
Or maybe the reality is, a sweet family like this can now only be seen on the television shows which I drown my life in.
Either way, I will continue dreaming.
There has to be something close...