Monday, July 13, 2009

The Path of my Future

Tomorrow is the first day back of the last semester of school I will ever complete in my entire life.
The pressure that all students face in this last period is absolutely immense - final exams, QCS, QTAC. Everyone tells us that our choices during this time will determine the rest of our life.
All the while, the responsibility they expect us to take on is contradicted by the restriction of freedom in almost every other aspect of life.
Personally, the more pressure that is put upon me, the more I am likely back off. I don't know where I want to be in 20 yrs time - I don't have specific details of my life then.
There are broad aspects which I would like, but I have no calling career-wise. After all, is my career now the only thing which will matter in my life? Is the money which I make at this job all that will matter in my life?
Life skills - social skills, workplace skills. There is no time for the accumulation of these skills anymore with the workload put upon students.
Are these not necessary to go through life successfully as well?

I am dreaming big, I want to make an impression during my lifetime - in what aspect, I don't know. My art, my family, community... there are so many paths which I am yet to explore in my life and my career is only one of them.

For now, I am a 16yr old student with big hopes and expectations for herself. The added pressure by schooling superiors is absolutely unnecessary and I don't see how it could benefit the outcome of my life. I am not going to let the score on a test or end of year result determine anything in my life - if I want something then I will do whatever it takes.

So to all those out there who are really laying the pressure on thick - think about the differences in what we want to achieve in life.

love Monique

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