Tuesday, July 14, 2009


the picture up in the title of my blog - i took that.
it was part of the process of an assignment which i had to do for my visual art studies.
i enjoyed taking that picture.
i enjoy all pictures - the moments that are captured - the moments that can be remembered and relived- the fact that nothing can change what is going on at that time - the picture is taken - the memory is set.
why can't life just be like a whole series of pictures? why can't the family portrait sitting in my living room be the way that i live with my family - all the time?
why can't the pictures of good times with friends be the only times i spend with them?
why can't i see the images of future careers and men and weddings and houses and pick and choose from the ones i like - and live them out as i see them?

this comes across all so negative, but i'm sure that everyone has these thoughts or longings for something idyllic - whatever the definition of 'idyllic' may be.

seeing i can't live my life out this way, i will just have to settle for going with the flow. it's worked so far and up until the point of being brought back into sad, sad reality (school) today.
my life hasn't been so bad - i have some of those idyllic photos to look back on.
and in the wise words of a mr eric hutchinson:
i will rock and roll, as long as i feel like i'm in control


wierdness tonight

peace ouuuuuuuuutahhhhh!

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