Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i am happy.
yes i am.

wellllll tonight was absolutely fabulous because i have found myself completely absorbed once again by the harry potter books. they take over my life and i do nothing else, ever, while one has been set into motion, but heeyyyy - i have no problems with this. school work must suffer for the sake of destroying one of the most powerful wizards of all time!!!!
on a sadder note in relation to the topic, however, i received some rather grim news about the seventh book which i have not read to date. some EVIL EVIL EVIL person managed to tell me the most devastating piece of news and something which i would never have wished to have heard, let alone read! but i shall wait to experience the sadness myself once i venture into the seventh and sadly, final book of the series before i continue to mourn fully at this loss.
and continuing on with my dayyyyy....

a rather gripping episode of my favourite show of all time was watched earlier tonight. i began the show with a great feeling of loss and discontent - however, by the end my mood had lifted A LOTTTTTTT.
for all those who understand without a formal introduction to the show - JULIES FUCKIN BABY IS OKAAYYYYY. - i had convinced myself that she would lose it after the preview following the previous episode and was ready for a major emotional setback. something like that would rock me to my core.
as stated in my first blog - i live through the people in this show and something like that would be way more than i could handle.
i have the emotional range of a teaspoon, as quoted by the wonderful hermoine granger, and i don't think i would leave a state of depression for months.

anywhooooo- this does not apply anymore as all good is restored to the world.
and i am on a complete high, although trying to contain it somewhat to prevent staring and counseling recommendations.

if you would like to know more about my day please feel free to let me know and i can fill you in on the horrid encounter i had with a highly runny nose at about lunch time??
it would be my pleasure..

and now to fill you in on excitement for tomorrow
MY DAAAAAYYY involves a highly exciting trip to the fucking QUEENSLAND ART GALLERY to see the AMERICAN IMPRESSIONIST EXHIBITION *drooooooooooool*
my trip will be brief as it is within the hours of schooling. but i will not complain - any chance to see the beautiful work on display in that red room again. i was drooooling over the paintings.

so now i must depart and continue in my quest to discover tom riddles hidden horcruxes as i read through the sixth of these magical books.


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