Friday, September 11, 2009


do you know what i dislike?...

people who have a talent and don't use it. they just let it go to waste!

art is my passion; i live and breathe it. art is all i have ever been good at and it is all i ever want to do.
buut.. there are heaps of real bum holes out there who are better than me! it will always be this way. and what i don't understand is if they are so good at this, why don't they take advantage of these gifts!???!
most of the brilliant artists we would ever see are hidden away behind some desk at a nine to five job because they didn't want to use their talent!!!
my career will be something in art, it has to be - there is nothing else i want to do. it just upsets me that there are piles and piles of people out there who are a million times better who aren't going to act on their natural talent. mannnnn, if i had talent like that i would be making any go of it that i could! take advantage of the gift, appreciate it. it is yours for a reason.

example a)
creative generation awards for excellence in visual arts and design:
i went to a beautiful night that exhibited the finest art of the youth today. some of the works are absolutely beautiful. and heaps of people there won awards for this - were shortlisted for their creativity and skill.
i was not one of them.
but this does not bother me. what does is the fact that i have a wonderful friend who was shortlisted for some breath taking photography - and she is going to persue a career in journalism! WHAT A WASTE! if i had her talent there would be no doubt in my mind that my future would lie in the area of art.
and so many others out there ended their night the way i did - unsuccessful. and for most, like me, it did not bother them. but i know that so many of those people who did not recieve a mention will end up producing much of our generations art - they will be the face of pop culture in generation y. yet the actual talent of our generation lies with those doing other boring boring jobs.
i stress to all you people out there with a natural talent in some area to persue it - give the people who live in your shaddow a chance to feel worthy of their place. they didn't just make it because the best didn't think it was worthwhile...
i may then be able to find some dignity and hope in my successful and proud future in this industry. i don't want to have someone tell me my work is good if i know that the person sitting at the news desk in the next building is actually sooo much better.

persue your talent people! it is worthwhile!

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